Passionate about finding creative, one-of-a-kind solutions to the problems of this globalized business world. With an entrepreneurial spirit and the perseverance of a lifelong learner, have accomplished a lot: re-engaged customers and volunteers to achieve a turnaround in a non-profit environment; developed successful cross-cultural skills while working abroad; skillfully guided small businesses’ web projects toward successful completion. Most important of all, a focused but humble leader able to adapt, grow, and achieve.

I’m interested in opportunities, both paid and pro-bono, that will combine my newfound passion for data science, my experience with marketing a variety of products and services, and working in consumer and client-facing scenarios. I have the education, experience, and confidence to grow your company or organization.

Team Leadership – Strategic Marketing – Marketing Research – Buyer Behavior – Project Management – Product Development – Business Plan – Program Management – Social Engagement – Training – Small-Business – Online Marketing – E-commerce – Web Design and Development – Event Planning – Data Science – R – Python – Cross-Cultural Collaboration – International Relations – Foreign Policy